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Please join us May 24-27th for the Lynn Family Foundation’s MAYhem Esports Tournament Series!

The four-day tournament series will feature Madden, NBA2k, FIFA and Rocket League tournaments! Our friends at Rival Games have expanded their platform to allow for BOTH Playstation and Xbox players!



LFF is continuing to raise funds to support our incredible beneficiaries. During this challenging time, we are doing what we can to help our friends around the world impact lives, provide better opportunities to underserved populations, and help individuals reach their highest potential in areas such as mentorship and education!


Young Warriors works to fill the necessary need of male role models in the lives of fatherless young men. Through their balanced mentorship program, Young Warriors addresses areas ranging from educational needs all the way to emotional and social needs. The communities they serve often experience hardships such as the loss of a male figure, poverty, or other traumatic experiences.


Hugs Café believes in providing meaningful employment for adults with special needs at no cost! The sandwiches and items they sell provide some of the revenue needed to keep this social enterprise in operation. The tiny portion needed to make up the difference is supported with events like this one! 

 All event registration fees & donations received through the “DONATE” button on our website and through the month of May and June will benefit the Lynn Family Foundation, Hug’s Café, and Young Warriors.

No donation is too small and every dollar counts.


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