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The Lynn Family Foundation is proud to introduce the Golf Outing Event Committee for 2020! These individuals were personally selected by the Lynn family to further represent the foundation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This team
 will be sharing information about the Lynn Family Foundation and our beneficiaries in their communities and
encouraging people to attend the upcoming Golf Outing! We’re so thankful for their support!


Kimberly Alexander is a spokeswoman, cancer advocate, radio show co-host, experience coordinator and author.  After losing her husband, NFL linebacker Elijah Alexander to complications due to multiple myeloma in 2010, she decided to dedicate her time to raising awareness about the disease, fundraising for cancer research and serving as a resource for cancer patients and their caregivers.  

Alexander received her degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is certified in non-profit management. 

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Brooke graduated from Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma, then began her marketing and sales career in Dallas, Texas. Fun fact: Brooke obtained her Private Pilot License in college and likes to fly for fun.

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Paul Simmons graduated from Austin College with a degree in business administration and University of Dallas with an MBA focused in sports management. Simmons worked with the Dallas Mavericks, coached at DeSoto High School and currently coordinates the Mustang Collegiate Program at JJ Pearce High School. Simmons thrives on guiding today’s youth, while helping transform them into the leaders of tomorrow.  



Jodi Today graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in recreation, parks, and tourism science.  She works for C.H. Robinson on the accounting team. Today volunteers for various events, which benefit a multitude of charities and although her career is not event focused, the experiences gained drive her to continue helping. She thrives on seeing the smiles of event attendees and creating memories.  

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